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Home Safety Research has been serving our neighbors life safety needs since 1997. We service Washington, Idaho and surrounding areas. We are not just another alarm company, we offer the most comprehensive services to your home and family. Our clients can confidently age in place knowing they are protected around the clock at home or on the go.

Our services are backed by decades of experience using the best life safety products available today.

Whether you are looking to protect your home, a business or want to secure your home so you can age in place, we are the right choice for you, your family & your business.

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  • Years of Experience
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Our Services

Burglary & Intrusion

Our clients enjoy more comprehensive protection backed by decades of experience with all our products. Our systems are custom tailored for complete protection and always professionally installed.


Most homes today are equipped with ionization smoke detectors that work 50% of the time and only help if you are home and can hear the alert.
Who calls the fire department if nobody is home or someone is unable to call for help? With our fire protection, if someone is home our dispatchers will be able to speak to anyone in the home without having to pick up a phone. So there is no juggling a small kitchen fire and a phone. If we are unable to confirm the situation with someone in the home we notify the fire department and contacts you provide.


Whether you are home alone or with family, getting immediate help for a medical emergency can make the difference in recovery times and quality of life results. Everyone can benefit from strategically placed emergency buttons throughout the home or wearable pendants. Especially if you are looking for a solution to allow you or a loved one to age in place in the home they know and love. Speak to our dispatchers directly through the speaker and microphones installed throughout the home to alert them of the situation. They will stay online with you while notifying EMS, and provided contacts to get you or a loved one the help you need.

Two-Way Voice

Every home or business we protect is equipped with 2-way voice technology allowing us to speak and listen during any type of emergency. Our systems deliver notification to our UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed monitoring center, within seconds we will know the type of alarm triggered and our emergency dispatchers will be communicating hands free with someone in the home. In the event of a real emergency we stay on-line until help arrives. If the alarm is triggered by accident, no one has to worry about running to a phone or calling us to cancel. Just speak to us hands free.


Keep yourself or a loved one safe when traveling near or far has never been easier thanks to the advances in mobile technologies and the use of apps. With the press of 1 button we can locate and communicate with the user. Loved ones, friends and contacts can be notified via app, telephone, text and/or email. As with all emergencies, we remain on line with you until help arrives.

Reminder Services & More

If you or a loved one needs memory care we can help. We can contact you or a loved one to assist with routines that can impact health or well being. Our call scheduling is flexible and are not limited to meals and medications. Single or multiple calls per day for a variety of reasons to encourage well being.


"In my 33 years as a firefighter, marshal then chief, I have learned first hand the importance of a rapid response by firefighter and medics to disasters in the home"

- R. Ely

"Because I am older and dealing with a number of medical issues, I added medical alert with no extra charge to my monthly monitoring fee."

- T. Sullivan

"As a former fire fighter and medical professional we are now in our mid-senventies and it's very comforting for us to have a fully monitored security system, a top-of-the-line monitored fire detection/alarm and medical alert system, all in one unit."

- Larry Micheau

"As I worked my way through the ranks to become the Pierce County Sheriff (1992 - 1997) burglaries were always a priority at every level. I found it much more effecive when developing strategies against burglaries when the home owner had a system like yours. I would recommend your system to anyone who is concerned about home safety."

- John H. Shields
Pierce County Sheriff, Retired

"My fire alarm saved my house. That is certain. An electric heater built into the wall, which was off, caught fire when the power surged. Because of the alarm, help arrived so quickly that only the craft room and all my craft stuff were gone, but replaceable and I am alive and so are my cats. One of them was given oxygen by a fireman. Those firemen were so kind."

- R. Robb
Spokane, WA

"On the night of January 3, 2015, I received a phone call from HSR regarding a smoke alarm going off at the home of my mother who had lived there for almost 48 years. The caller informed me that he had been unable to reach her and so he called the fire department, before calling me. Since I live about 30 miles away, I called her neighbors who had informed me that she was shaken but alright, however the house was lost. As my mother escaped the blaze in just her pajamas she had no phone numbers with her, so due to HSR's call that notified us, we were able to be there in time to help out."

- M. Lowe

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